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The genuine re-enamelling of a cast iron bath for restoration, renovation and re-conditioning purposes is a very specialised process. There are some companies that advertise and offer a home re-enamelling service, but this is not genuine vitreous enamel and is in fact a type of paint. This is a shorter-term solution, but it is not as hard or durable as genuine vitreous enamel.


Genuine vitreous enamel is a type of glass, which is fused at high temperatures to achieve its unique combination of hardness and durability, which is unmatched by other finishes.

Re-enamelling will involve shot blasting to remove the existing enamel, followed by specialist welding if there is any damage or heavy rusting, for example around the plug hole. It will then be coated with up to three layers of vitreous enamel. Each layer will be fused to the surface by heating in a furnace to a temperature greater than 750 degrees centigrade.


It is this genuine vitreous that gives the long-life that is expected of a cast iron bath and returns them to their former elegance.

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